Terms and Conditions

Artists Licensing Beats for Song Releases: 

You must purchase a usage license (typical cost 300-500 USD) from King Chino and have a signed contractual agreement for any original production used in a commercial song release (e.g. Spotify releases, online download sales, physical sales etc.). Your purchase entitles you to the non-exclusive right to use said production in conjunction with your own recordings to create a track to be released for monetary purposes. Exclusive rights can also be purchased at a much higher upfront fee which can be negotiated (usually no less than 2000 USD). Please state whether you require exclusive or non-exclusive rights in your communication and also the term length you would like to use the beat for. The standard term is 7 years, but you can negotiate to have it last in perpetuity for a higher upfront fee as well. After an agreement is made, you will receive the entire track in full quality with all watermarks and "producer tags" removed at your request. 

Your purchase also entitles you to 65% of all royalties generated by the track's Sound Recording Copyright which includes record sales revenue (both digital and physical), and master use license fees (to use the actual recording of the song in film, tv etc.). You or your label will be responsible for ensuring the other 35% of these royalties is allotted to King Chino. For streaming releases, DistroKid is the preferred distributor because of their easy to use "revenue splits" feature. Any PayPal payments or DistroKid splits should be sent to the email address mgmt@kingchino.com. 

Unless a different agreement is negotiated, the producer, King Chino, will retain ownership of the publishing associated with the instrumental. For the new song that the artist creates with the instrumental, King Chino is still considered the Composer of all the melodic/harmonic content and the artist would be considered "Lyricist" if they have written original lyrics for the track. The composer is 50% songwriter while any lyrict(s) comprise(s) the other 50%. Therefore, King Chino will receive half of all royalties generated by the Musical Work Copyright associated with the new song (e.g. performance royalties, sync licensing royalties, etc.). King Chino's performing rights organization is SOCAN (IPI#: 740151286 - Connor Chan). 

These percentages reflect the industry standard but can be negotiated with King Chino before the final contract is signed. 


Purchasing a beat tape, beat compilation, or instrumental album from the "Music" section of this website (e.g. Slapping Tracks Vol. 1) DOES NOT entitle you to use any of those tracks for commercial song releases. Those tracks are intended for your listening pleasure and they are copyrighted. If you make a recording over any of those tracks and release it on any platform for monetary gains, you will be committing copyright infringement and will face legal action. You may however, contact mgmt@kingchino.com, to request a usage license for any of those tracks and they may be available for purchase (with the same conditions as above applying to royalties). The same goes for beats posted to the Instagram page @kingchinobeats.

ALL DIGITAL SALES ARE FINAL. Since the download becomes available to the consumer at the moment of purchase, I cannot issue refunds.

For All Other Types of Usage: 

For inquiries about pricing for sync licensing for film, television and commercials or for any and all other inquiries related to using King Chino's original productions please contact mgmt@kingchino.com.